We provide training

Our partner communities can eventually reach a period of sustainability, where they can operate greenhouse infrastructure without any direct oversight.

The Green Iglu training program

Includes job shadowing and onsite training, where greenhouse managers will spend up to 2 weeks learning the operational and management requirements of a Growing Dome® from a greenhouse technician. Training is customized based on the greenhouse managers’ familiarity with horticulture practices. Once managers have successfully achieved each learning goal, they will be certified in Remote Farming!

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Learning Goal

Task Description

System Identification
a. Understanding Growing Dome® layout and technology within the facility. This includes the venting system, location of agricultural tools, utilization of tools, and the functionality of equipment (e.g. thermal mass pool, insulated northern wall).
Horticulture 101
a. Basic horticulture training including plant growth requirements and how these requirements are met within the system.

b. Practical assessments are completed to ensure understanding.
Daily Operations
a. Performing daily system checks, including a visual inspection of plant health, water lever, pH, eC, TDS, nutrient levels, greenhouse temperature, new growth, and troubleshooting.

b. Reviewing health and safety protocols.
a. Seed species, germination time-frames, and growth inputs will be identified.

b. Germination of diverse seeds using greenhouse equipment will be completed.
Crop Maturity Cycles
a. Maintaining crop cycles through transplanting, identifying disease/malnutrition, managing irrigation and fertigation, managing light and heat requirements, and troubleshooting.
Irrigation & Fertigation
a. Measuring and managing water tanks (eC, Ph, TDS, PPM).

b. Manipulate growth variables by plant condition.

c. Proper dosing of fertilizer for soil and hydroponic systems.
Pest control
a. Pest identification, management, and eradication.
a. Proper hygienic methods for harvesting produce.

b. Identify crop species and individual harvesting procedures.
Quality Control
a. Proper safety and hygienic practices of handling harvested produce, proper storing process, transportation procedure, washing protocols, and disinfecting common work areas.
By the end of the building process and training program, the communities will have skilled individuals that are knowledgeable and confident in leading the projects independently.

But in case you miss us…

Green Iglu will always be excited to offer support and share knowledge, even long after installing your greenhouse infrastructure!

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Green Iglu is a not-for-profit organization that launched in 2015 and became a registered charity in 2019. We build greenhouse infrastructure and offer remote communities tailored training that embraces culture, working towards food sovereignty in Canada. Be sure to check out our FAQ page to see if we have answered any of your questions.

Food Insecurity in Canada

Canada is a high-tech industrial society with one of the highest standards of living in the world. However, there is a very different picture that is painted for many people living in remote communities across the country. Many people in Canada do not enjoy the basic necessities that others may take for granted – access to affordable, nutritious, and fresh food.

Food insecurity in Canada is an issue deeply intertwined with the health and economic well-being of families. We were stunned to learn that 1 in 8 households in Canada is without reliable access to a sufficient amount of food. 72% of children in Northern Canada face this problem every single day. It is a systemic issue, a product of how food is grown, supplied, and transported to remote communities. In the Northern regions in particular, the higher food costs are a result of limited access to year-round rail, road, or marine supply lines.

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Green Iglu recognizes that our Red Deer office is situated on Treaty 7 land, the traditional territory of the Blackfoot, Tsuu T’ina and Stoney Nakoda peoples. The region also falls under Treaty 6, traditional Métis, Cree and Saulteaux territory. We are also grateful to be invited to other territories with their own jurisdictions.
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