The greenhouse infrastructure

we offer can be used to tackle the issue of food insecurity, through enabling remote communities to grow their own affordable, nutritious, and fresh food.

We are a tool which remote communities

can use to tackle the issue of food insecurity, through growing their own affordable, nutritious, and fresh food.

To facilitate local food production

In the most remote locations, Green Iglu required infrastructure that could withstand harsh conditions and operate as efficiently as possible. To accommodate both the diverse needs of the people and the varied landscape across Canada, we offer solutions ranging from outdoor garden beds and hoop houses, to greenhouse domes and self contained hydroponic units.

We work with communities on all types of infrastructure to implement their unique food security projects!

For a peek at what is possible in your community...

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Growing Dome

The Growing Dome® is a geodesic-shaped greenhouse designed to provide an environment where food production can thrive, no matter the location or time of year. The greenhouse uses a polycarbonate exterior, solar-powered heat ventilation system, and thermal mass storage to maintain temperatures 30 degrees warmer than the external environment. Fully equipped to withstand the harshest conditions, the domes can handle 7ft of direct snow and wind speeds over 180km/hr!

Within the Growing Dome, we can set up hydroponic growing systems, soil beds, hanging planters, and more. With many parts of the North having year-round permafrost, the Growing Dome® is perfect for a soil bed system to produce heartier, calorie-dense produce such as potatoes and carrots. The spacious area of the Growing Dome® is also ideal for hosting classrooms!

ColdAcre System

ColdAcre is a team of passionate northerners who are growers, builders, and designers. They are suppliers of innovative growing systems that produce fresh and nutritious food all year round! Based in a semi-remote area, the ColdAcre team is passionate and sees their systems as the future for community-driven and reliable fresh food.

With ColdAcre, we can build a shipping container modified to contain a hydroponic system on the inside. ColdAcre also offers an added soil-based greenhouse that harnesses and reuses waste heat from the containerized system to further extend the growing season. The greenhouse grows complementary vegetables, which cannot be grown hydroponically. ColdAcre’s offer is unique because they design customized systems that are a perfect fit for each project’s food production needs.


Each project is co-created with the communities we work with. Our team shares our knowledge with the community, who can then tailor the project direction to what suits their needs best. The community first determines the size and type of greenhouse that works best for them. Then, they choose the growing technology they would like to implement, such as hydroponic towers and raised soil beds. The community then decides which foods they wish to grow, their desired distribution methods, and the intended purpose(s) of their greenhouse!

For a peek at what crops you could grow this year…

See the full crop list below!

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Microgreen mix
Sprouting mix
Edible Chrysanthemum
Lemon Balm
Tomato - Early Girl
Tomato - Sweet Million (Cherry)
Cucumber (table)
Cucumber (pickling)
Mini pumpkin
Lettuce (romaine)
Lettuce (head)
Lettuce (salad mix)
Bell Pepper
Peas (sugar)
Peas (shelling)
Green onion
Pac Choi
Carrots (regular)
Carrots (coloured)
Cabbage (red)
Cabbage (green)
Beets (large)
Beets (small)
Beans (pole - green)
Beans (bush - yellow)

So, what is the process like of working with Green Iglu?


Secure building permits

Prepare the site



Receive all materials

Begin construction



Training & education

Ongoing partnership


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Green Iglu is a not-for-profit organization that launched in 2015 and became a registered charity in 2019. We build greenhouse infrastructure and offer remote communities tailored training that embraces culture, working towards food sovereignty in Canada. Be sure to check out our FAQ page to see if we have answered any of your questions.

Food Insecurity in Canada

Canada is a high-tech industrial society with one of the highest standards of living in the world. However, there is a very different picture that is painted for many people living in remote communities across the country. Many people in Canada do not enjoy the basic necessities that others may take for granted – access to affordable, nutritious, and fresh food.

Food insecurity in Canada is an issue deeply intertwined with the health and economic well-being of families. We were stunned to learn that 1 in 8 households in Canada is without reliable access to a sufficient amount of food. 72% of children in Northern Canada face this problem every single day. It is a systemic issue, a product of how food is grown, supplied, and transported to remote communities. In the Northern regions in particular, the higher food costs are a result of limited access to year-round rail, road, or marine supply lines.

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